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a radiant beacon in life's challenges

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“Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.”

a teddy bear within a preserved flower box
high quality dual face preserved flower gift keycharm, bagcharm

It is not just about flower preservation, we keep relationships healthy & shiny.

When fading is the law of nature, we focus our efforts on prolonging the healthy blossom status. With us, we hope you are not just getting a beautiful floral present but with long-lasting blessings delicately presented. 
Combining the profession in counselling & psychology with expertise in flower arrangement, SoulShiny was founded in 2015 with wellness and self-love in mind.

Our creations are all made with preserved REAL flowers. Designs are curated as an admiration to the value of self-recognition, inner peace, and resilience in daily life.

We conduct preserved floral arrangement workshops as a form of art therapy.

We are Singapore’s first L'écrin certified florist. Trained under L'écrin Flower Japan, we specialise in preserving flowers in three-dimensional frames using advanced airtight sealing technique. In this way, blooms remain vibrant and shapely for a long time.

While admiring flowers preserved at their peak bloom, we hope you are reminded to live in the present and appreciate every moment of joy in life, no matter how little.

Beyond aesthetics,
Beyond Time

Gift Ideas

The story of SoulShiny’s spirited and joyful bestiary started with the signatory bag accessory in the  incomparably alluring preserved flower globe.

Preserved floral charms are perfect gifts for people who are constantly on-the-go or as an  interior delight. They are not only pretty to look at, but also great accessories for bags and rooms.


Welcoming a newborn is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and deserves a celebration. Send your heartiest congratulations and wishes to the parents with a thoughtful gift.

For all cute babies out there, we wish that our preserved flowers signify that their budding lives will bear fruit and life ahead will be a bed of roses!

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Seasonal Bouquets

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 Join us in celebrating the beauty of life.

Express your feelings and moods with our uniquely curated preserved flower arrangements today!

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Stay Tuned !

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