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Botanical Elegance:
Preserved Floral Styling Service in Singapore

Transform any space into a botanical paradise with our expert decoration & styling services. From events and celebrations to corporate offices, cafes, and hotels, we specialise in creating insta-worthy moments that leave a lasting impression on your guests. 


Our dedicated team offers affordable preserved flower decorations in Singapore, creating the perfect ambience that promotes motivation, inspiration, and happiness.


We accept projects of all sizes, whether it's designing a ceiling, a table centerpiece, a hallway, a reception or a room. Feel free to let us know your requirements and preferences. We will tailor our proposal to meet your unique needs or desired theme, atmosphere or brand image.


Experience effortless beauty at every glance today.

Prices start at $199.

SoulShiny Botanical Styling Decoration Service.png

Why Choose Preserved Flowers?

Low Maintenance

No watering



Say goodbye to

frequent changes!


Perfect for those with

pollen allergies!

Irresistibly Popular

Who doesn't love the

beauty of nature?

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